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Water tank pumps are quite efficient and don't use much power to operate.

[edit] Example 1 - water pump for all household water requirements

Surrey Hills house water tank pump
Surrey Hills house water tank pump

For example, sample measurements from a pump operating for the Surrey Hills house supplying all water needs in August 2008 were:

Hours 297
Days 12.375
kWh 2.8646
kWh/h 0.009645118
kWh/day 0.231482828

[edit] Example 2 - water pump trial for garden watering

This trial was conducted with a water pump used to water a garden, also in Surrey Hills, Victoria. The pump was run for 20 minutes, the volume pumped and the electric energy used were both measured.

Volume pumped - litres 608
Energy used - kWh 0.35
Water usage per day (2 person household) - litres 122
kWh/day 0.070

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