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Westlink route options
Westlink route options

Westlink is a project initiative of the State Government of Victoria. The first stage is a tunnel linking Dynon Road and Footscray Road in the Port of Melbourne precinct with Geelong Road and Sunshine Road in West Footscray. This includes upgrades to Sunshine Road, Dempster Street and Paramount Road to complement the road tunnel.

The second stage is a longer-term connection to the Western Ring Road.

Planning for the tunnel was initiated following a recommendation of the Eddington report.


[edit] Claimed benefits

Claimed project benefits are:

  • Taking trucks off local streets
  • Improving connections to the western suburbs of Melbourne
  • Creating more jobs and opportunities in the west.
  • Improving access for heavy vehicles to the Port of Melbourne
  • Provide a long-term alternative to the West Gate Bridge

[edit] Controversy and criticisms

  • Local residents were not consulted about the planned route. Some have been advised they will lose their houses but no confirmation about this has been provided.[1]
  • The project will encourage more car and truck usage, whereas as improved rail services would have much better environmental and social outcomes.[2]

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[edit] References

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