Australian climate action summit 2009

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In February at Australia's Climate Action Summit, people from climate change groups will create and launch a cohesive and strategic national climate campaign, form a national grassroots network, and send a powerful message on the eve of the second year of the Rudd Government that sets the agenda for urgent climate action.

Community climate action groups from across the continent will join together in Canberra, the weekend before the first day of the 2009 Federal Parliament.

In 2007, Kevin Rudd was elected to government in the world's first climate change election. One year on, we are still waiting for the urgent action needed to peak our greenhouse gas emissions and begin this urgent transition to renewable energy. In December 2009, Kevin Rudd will meet with world leaders in Copenhagen, to set the framework and benchmarks for future global action on climate change. We need to ensure the Australian Government goes to Copenhagen with the strongest commitment to reducing greenhouse pollution and averting runaway climate change.

What will happen at the summit:

  • Two days of facilitated meetings and workshops to build a unified national climate campaign.
  • Followed by one day of dynamic training in climate campaigning skills for taking action, facilitating climate action groups, effective lobbying and more.
  • On the first day of the 2009 Federal Parliament, we will mobilise thousands of people in a high profile demonstration for real action on climate change.

More details:

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