Australian emission reductions projected

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Australian emission reductions can be projected over time.

The following graph illustrates an emission reduction profile to meet a zero carbon emissions target by 2050.

Image:Australian emission reduction projected.jpg

Emission targets are specified as carbon dioxide equivalent tonnes per person (C02e t/person) which are a per-capita measure.

The following table shows the actual emission reduction and their percentages.

Year Australia's emissions C02e t/person %reduction
1990 17.2 0
2000 17.1 1
2010 23 -35
2020 15 35
2030 10 57
2040 5 78
2050 0 100

The projected C02e emission reductions can be contrasted with the historical emissions depicted in the graph below.

Per capita C02 emissions by country
Per capita C02 emissions by country
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