Cash payments to Australian coal generators 2011-12

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Cash payments from Australian taxpayers were included as part of the carbon tax introduced by the Australia Government in 2012.

The following cash payments were made during the period 2001-2012:

Generator name Recipient Cash payment
Augusta Power Stations Flinders Operating Services Pty Ltd $59,482,064.73
Loy Yang Power Station Great Energy Alliance Corp. Pty Ltd $240,116,761.67
Energy Brix Australia Corp. Energy Brix Australia Corp. Pty Ltd $27,721,819.72
Hazelwood Power Station National Power Australia Investments $265,887,649.47
Collinsville Power Station RATCH Australia Corporation Pty Ltd $8,179,952.91
Loy Yang B Power Station IPM Australia Ltd $59,621,264.21
Gippsland Power Pty Ltd $57,283,175.42
TOTAL $116,904,439.63
Redbank Power Station Redbank Project Pty Ltd $8,766,418.74
Yallourn W Power Station TRUenergy Yallourn Pty Ltd $257,498,933.37
Alcoa Anglesea Power Station Alcoa Australia Pty Ltd $14,901,959.75

The total is over one billion dollars.

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