Climate Protection Bill 2008

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The Climate Protection Bill 2008 in Australia was inspired by the success of the community driven Climate Change Bill in the UK, which has achieved laws to cut greenhouse pollution and promote a clean energy future.

The UK Bill

In 2005, communities across the UK decided they wanted their politicians to take action on climate change. They seized on a draft Climate Change Bill put together by green groups, and 130,000 people across the country contacted their MP to support it. In response, 400 MPs voted for the Bill and when passed in Parliament, the UK will become the first country to legislate binding limits on greenhouse pollution.

Australia's Climate Protection Bill

In early 2007, community climate groups across the country wrote a Climate Protection Bill. The Bill comprehensively addresses the causes of Australia’s spiraling greenhouse gas emissions, and proposes workable solutions to stem these emissions, protecting the future for our children, the world's most vulnerable communities and our fragile planet.

The Bill is a powerful tool for community members, unifies the concerns of Australians across the country, and gives each of us a set of demands to take to our politicians.

The support of climate action groups and many other community-based climate groups across Australia has Climate Protection Bill has traveled deep into the halls of Parliament.

Tony Windsor (Independent, New England), at the request of his constituents, has tabled a version of the Climate Protection Bill as a Private Members' Bill in October 2008.

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