Deep Ecology

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Deep Ecology is a philosophy recognising the interconnectedness of all life. Which means that we humans, as living beings, are intimately immersed within the web of all beings.

The term 'Deep Ecology' was coined by Arne Næss, a Norwegian philosopher in 1973.

The concept of 'we belong to the environment' is inherent to many tribespeople who have close daily connections with nature. Though many industrialised humans seem to assume the inverse; that 'the environment belongs to us'. As industrialised humans embrace the concept of Deep Ecology it dissolves the arrogance of imagining ourselves as superior, and also salves the emptiness of imagining ourselves as separate.

Consciously feeling one's bond with all living forms facilitates a reverence for life upon Earth. Related topics are Gaia, Ecopsychology and Terrapsychology.

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