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-== General information and topics ==+Best Site good looking hotels in san antonio bangkok thailand hotels flights dirt cheap airfares 014
- +
-===Directories, portals and magazines===+
-* [] is an Australian site that aims to be Australia's most comprehensive "Green" resource.+
-* [ Eco Portal] has been created by a group of promoting sustainability. Their vision is to create a community where indivduals, organisations and businesses connect to actively promote sustainability.+
-* [ Ecodirectory] environmental directory +
-* [ Green magazine] is an online and print magazine on sustainable architecture and landscape design.+
-* [ Green Builder Magazine] is a US publication of Green Builder Media, that is focused exclusively on residential sustainable development. Green Builder is the authoritative voice on green building and sustainable development.+
-* [ Environmental Jobs Network, Australia] -- online resource for environmental careers.+
-* [ Green Home Makeover] - Video clips, environment articles, organic products+
-* [ Google Directory - Sustainable Living]+
-* [ Going Green, National Geographic] - green living, going green, eco-friendly living+
-* [ Green Yahoo]+
-* [ The Greendirectory] - Australian online eco directory.+
-* [ G Magazine] - The Green Lifestyle Magazine.+
-* [ Lighter Footstep] is a web-based magazine dedicated to sustainable living: learning to thrive in our personal and business lives by making wiser choices.+
-* [ Sprinkla Magazine] -- has been created out of a desire to have a positive impact on our planet, and our communities. The content is intended to inspire you, and offer you solutions that you can use in your own life, bringing an eco-perspective to how you connect, grow, eat, explore and invest.+
-* [ Yahoo Directory - Enviroment]+
- +
-* See [[Green books‎]]+
- +
-=== Community groups ===+
-See [[Community action]].+
- +
-=== News and blogs ===+
-{| class="wikitable"+
-| <imagemap>+
-Image:Metaefficient banner.gif|180px|thumb|Green technologies, products and buildings.+
-default []+
-desc none+
-| <imagemap>+
-Image:Treehugger.jpg|150px|thumb|Dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream.+
-default []+
-desc none+
-| <imagemap>+
-Image:Wclogo.gif|240px|thumb|Tools, models and ideas for building a better future.+
-default [ Worldchanging]+
-desc none+
-| <imagemap>+
-Image:Lifehacker.jpg|140px|thumb| Work and live smarter and more efficiently.+
-default [ Lifehacker]+
-desc none+
-* [ BeGreen NEWSlog] - The news at BeGreen+
-* [ The Green Room] - BBC enviroment site+
-* [ Earthbeat] Radio Netherlands enviroment programme+
-* [] -- is a popular information source and forum working on the simple premise that the tools, models and ideas for building a better future lie all around us, and that another world is not just possible, it's here. +
-* []'s mission is to provide timely, high-quality editorial about the full spectrum of energy options, technologies, products, issues and policies related to sustainable mobility.+
-* [ Green Roofs for Healthy Australian Cities] is a membership organisation with an elected committee that draws together the various governmental, organisational and businesses groups and individuals interested in being kept informed about green roof science. technology, practice, regulations, specifications.+
-* [ Green tech powers forward | CNET] the latest advances in energy technology, from solar-powered Wi-Fi to robots fueled by bacteria+
-* [ Lifehacker] -- tips, shortcuts, and downloads that help you work and live smarter and more efficiently.+
-* [ Home Energy Analysis] blog -- musings on the Home Energy Analysis System and Home Environment Issues+
-* [ MetaEfficient] Green Technologies and Products+
-** [ MetaEfficient: architecture and building content]+
-* [ Guardian Unlimited: Environment news & advice on ethical living]+
-* [ Larvatus Prodeo] is an Australian group blog which discusses politics, sociology, culture, life, religion and science from a left of centre perspective.+
-* [ The Oil Drum] Discussions about energy and our future, including peak oil.+
-* [ We're Green!] - Find the latest news from around the world on green, alternative and renewable energy.+
-* [ Nigel's Eco Blog] - explore all things environmentally friendly.+
-* [ Great Green Gadgets] - find interesting articles on the web about gadgets, big and small, that promote environmental concerns.+
-* [ Green Daily]+
-* [ EcoGeek: Technology for the Environment] Innovations that are saving the planet.+
-* [ Greengeezer] - information on reducing energy consumption through green building and zero energy homes, and by helping others in mid-life find a place to live green.+
-* []- a weblog devoted to the future of design, tracking the innovations in technology, practices and materials that are pushing architecture and home design towards a smarter and more sustainable future.+
-* [] - a lively discussion forum for all things green. From climate change to composting and sustainable living.+
-* [ New York EcoSpaces] - News & information on green and sustainable living in New York City"+
- +
-=== Climate change links ===+
-See [[Climate change]].+
- +
-=== Superannuation and ethical investment ===+
-* [ Make your super choice a Green Choice], Switch your superannuation to a socially responsible investment (SRI) fund+
-* [ Responsible Investment Association Australasia] - a membership organisation for professionals working in the area of Sustainable Responsible Investment (SRI) in Australia and New Zealand. The RIAA also helps individuals and organisations to learn more about how they can become socially responsible investors.+
-* [ Ethical Investment Services] - a financial planning firm that advises clients who wish to invest ethically based in Kew, Melbourne+
- +
-=== Wikis ===+
-Please add any wikis to this list in alphabetic order+
-* [[Appropedia:Welcome to Appropedia|Appropedia]] is focused reducing poverty through international development and increasing sustainability through the use of appropriate technology+
-:'''Note:''' Village Earth's Appropriate Technology Wiki Project has [[Appropedia:Village Earth and Appropedia Join Forces for Sustainability|merged with Appropedia ]].+
-* [ The Coastal Portal wiki]+
-* [ Climate and Conservation wiki]+
-* [ Green Architecture] on the Grand Rapids Public Library wiki+
-* [ Envirowiki] is an Australian enviromentalism and social justice wiki+
-* [ Global Warming Art] provides graphic images and information about climate change. It is the result of a dream that the public and educators should have easy access to the same data and results that have framed the scientific discussion of global warming and climate change.+
-* [ Technology and Social Action Wiki] was established to foster dialogue and collaboration between activists in social movements, voluntary and community organisations and technology designers.+
-* [ Howtopedia] is a collaborative platform for practical knowledge and simple technologies that are easily explainable and usable by individuals or small communities for a sustainable and ecological future.+
-* [ TipThePlanet] is a green wiki website that encourages discussion and the generation of tips that benefit you and the planet - from tips for individuals to tips for multi-national companies on how to limit their carbon footprints.+
-* [ PermaWiki] is a free permaculture designers manual that anyone can edit+
-* [] is a wiki with the central premise that large groups of people can, and should, make a fantastic resource site to foster responsible consumption habits in our daily life, economy, industries.+
-* [ Snowpedia] is Freeskier's wiki-based encyclodpedia of all things skiing.+
-* [ SolaRoof Open Eco Wiki]'s goal is to transform our homes and communities through an Open Source initiative for Sustainable Living+
-* [ Sustainable Community Action] - a wiki for anyone interested in sustainability or any aspect of it, but especially ordinary people and community groups. We seek to link up community and personal action for sustainability worldwide. [ SCA WikiNode] (reciprocal link under 'Sustainable Housing', also put link on our Australia page)+
-* [ Wikigoodglobe] is an enviroment and social justice wiki +
-* [ WikiIndex] is a wiki of wikis, wiki people and wiki ideas. We are striving to help build community between people who use wiki by being a place to help new wiki folk find wiki communities they are interested in.+
-* [ Wikiski] is in an attempt to harness the wealth of knowledge about snowsports around the world that the general public have tucked away in their heads. By sharing this information with others everyone can benefit from the wealth of knowledge of others and make your snow sport experiences so much better. An initiative of [].+
-* [ Your Building] is a wiki for sustainable commercial buildings. The portal provides information for all those involved across the building life cycle - from investors, owners, and occupiers to developers, builders, designers, and facility managers. It also encourages knowledge sharing in the industry by allowing users to comment on existing articles and contribute new articles and case studies on any aspects of sustainable commercial properties.+
- +
-=== Energy ===+
-* [ Climate Positive: Beyond carbon neutral] Measure, reduce and offset your greenhouse emissions with Australia's premium carbon offset provider+
-* [] Provide a resource centre and virtual meeting place for people interested in, already involved in, or who want to become involved in the clean energy industry. Their current focus is the Australasian region, however anyone from anywhere is welcome to register as a member and contribute as many of the issues are global.+
-* [ Oil Depletion Protocol] is an international agreement that will enable nations of the world to cooperatively reduce their dependence on oil.+
-* [] -- information about clean power, polluting power, energy efficiency, climate change, oil peak, politics, energy efficient homes and transport solutions.+
-* [ Renew News] -- is a community-based resource about Renewable Energy+
-* [ Sustainable Buildings] -- '''The Climate Group: Low Carbon Solutions'''. Details of efforts and case studies by both by businesses and governments to increase/optimise the energy efficiency or reduce the energy use of buildings so that greenhouse gas emissions through building-lifetime are decreased.+
-* [ Wind-Works] -- sn on-line archive of articles and commentary primarily--but not solely--on wind energy, Feed-in Tariffs, and Advanced Renewable Tariffs.+
- +
-=== Wikipedia articles ===+
-* [[Wikipedia:Carbon dioxide sink]]+
-* [[Wikipedia:Energy efficiency in British housing]]+
-* [[Wikipedia:Ecological living]]+
-* [[Wikipedia:‎Global warming]]+
-* [[Wikipedia:Greenhouse effect]]+
-* [[Wikipedia:Green roof]]+
-* [[Wikipedia:Greywater]]+
-* [[Wikipedia:Natural gas]]+
-* [[Wikipedia:Permaculture]]+
-* [[Wikipedia:Renewable energy]]+
-* [[Wikipedia:Solar power]]+
-* [[Wikipedia:Sustainability]]+
-* [[Wikipedia:Sustainable energy]]+
-* [[Wikipedia:Sustainable living]]+
-* [[Wikipedia:Green building]]+
-* [[Wikipedia:Sustainable architecture]]+
-* [[Wikipedia:Passive solar]]+
-* [[Wikipedia:Zero energy building]]+
-* [[Wikipedia:Photovoltaics]]+
-* [[Wikipedia:Low-energy house]]+
==Products== ==Products==

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This directory contains information sources on various topics and businesses related to sustainable living. Please add either external links or links to relevant Greenlivingpedia articles.

See Community action for information on local community action groups.

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See the Products page for information on renewable energy and sustainable building products.

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