Extreme weather events and costs

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Extreme weather events and costs associated with climate change are occurring across the world.

Some recent examples are:

  • Tropical Cyclone Yasi smashed the north Queensland coast, causing damage with estimated costs in excess of AUS$4b
  • A national Flood levy is flagged for Australia to cover costs of the 2011 Australia floods estimated to be in excess of AUS$5b
  • The 2009 Victorian bushfires caused damage with estimated cost of AUS$1b
  • The price of saving London from floods could exceed £20 billion[1]
  • The 2007 Newcastle floods damage bill topped AUS$1 billion, larger than either the (1999) Sydney hailstorm or the (1989) Newcastle earthquake[2]
  • An AUS$10 billion national water management plan is required for the Murray Darling river system[3]
  • AUS$4.9 billion water plan for Victoria, including construction of the world's largest desalination plant, with household water bills to double over next 5 years[4]
  • US$150 to 200 billion total economic impact to Louisiana and Mississippi by Hurricane Katrina[5]
  • AUS$20 to AUS$40 million just to rebuild the roads and bridges after the 2007 Gippsland flood.[6]


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