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From Buddha to Bono: Seeking Sustainability is a book by Tor Hundloe about seeking solutoins to climate change, water scarcity, pollution and Third World poverty. Hundloe trances the development of key practices that underpin modern environmental decision making, including enviromental science, ecology, economics and ethics.

Hundloe covers the origins of modern thought in ancient philosophies and cultures and charts developments in a timeline to the modern day. For ancient Greece, through the Renaissance, from the first ecologists to Charles Darwin then on to a new beginning.

Hundloe tackles the modern day sacred cows of indefinite economic growth being good (and possible), the role of market based economies and global population growth as we struggle to achieve geniune sustainablity, address climate change, and live within the parameters that keeps Planet Earth's biosphere healthy.

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  • Publisher: JoJo Publishing Melbourne
  • Author: Emeritus Professor Tor Hundloe - aka 'The Green Viking'
  • ISBN: 9780980369854
  • Price: A$34.95
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