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This is a Greenprint that identifies strategies, actions and approaches for moving us towards a sustainable future.



  • Drive a Green cars
  • Ride a bicycle
  • Use public transport


  • Build using a Passive solar design
  • Install double glazing or thermal glass
  • Use blinds and/or sails for shading windows from the sun when it is hot
  • Draughtproof your doors and windows
  • Build using recycled products
  • Install Solar power
  • Buy accredited Greenpower
  • Buy energy efficient appliances
  • Buy a green computer
  • Buy an energy efficient fridge
  • Install a Smart power meter
  • Use Solar hot water
  • Capture rainwater in tanks and use it
  • Use your greywater
  • Use fans for cooling
  • Use gas for cooking rather than electricity


  • use an airconditioner or evaporative cooler
  • use electricity for heating purposes


  • Create a low water garden
  • Grow a permaculture garden with herbs, vegetables and fruit and nut trees
  • Keep chickens
  • Put scrap food on a compost heap, in a worm farm or a bokashi bucket


  • Grow a lawn that requires watering or regular mowing

Energy policy and politics

  • Put a price on carbon
  • Make Energy efficiency labelling mandatory for all appliances
  • Join a local climate change action group
  • Write a letter to local, state and federal parliamentary members to communicate your views on sustainability and tackling climate change and ask them what they are doing about this
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local, state and/or national newspapers
  • Write your own blog articles to express your thoughts and observations on sustainable living. You also publish the letters you write to politicians and newspapers.
  • Vote for candidates in elections who espouse green living and sustainable policies.


  • Plant trees
  • Protect all old growth forests and water catchments from logging

Food and diet

  • Eat less meat, or even become vegeterian or vegan
  • Buy organic food
  • Use reusable shopping bags


  • Buy or eat GM food
  • Buy foods with excessive packaging
  • Use plastic shopping bags

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