Save Bastion Point

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Rocks at Bastion Point
Rocks at Bastion Point
Bastion Point beach
Bastion Point beach

Save Bastion Point is a community campaign formed by a large number of organisations and individuals in 2004 to fight the East Gippsland Shire Council’s proposal for a large scale breakwater and boat ramp development at Bastion Point, Mallacoota.

The coalition specifically works together to protect the many values of Bastion Point, to promote safe and sustainable use of the area and to oppose inappropriate development on the Bastion Point headland.

Bastion Point has extensive indigenous cultural heritage sites, has one of the few accessible shallow reef habitats in East Gippsland, and has ecological, geological and landscape values of state significance.

It is the Mallacoota town beach and is used for surfing, swimming, beachcombing, bird-watching, rock pool rambling, scientific study, snorkeling, relaxing, angling and other recreational and social activities throughout the year.

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