Stop logging Melbourne water catchments rally

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Nicky Bomba leads the march
Nicky Bomba leads the march
Cr Tim Heenan, Mayor
Cr Tim Heenan, Mayor
Greg Barber, Greens MLC and Sarah Rees, MyEnvironment
Greg Barber, Greens MLC and Sarah Rees, MyEnvironment

About eight hundred people attended a community organised rally in Warburton, Victoria to protest against logging in Melbourne's water catchments.

Speakers at the rally included:

  • Tracey Bartram
  • Joy Wandin Murphy, Senior elder of the Wurundjeri people
  • Councillor Samantha Dunn from Yarra Ranges shire, video below and (speech)
  • Luke Chamberlain from the Wilderness Society, video below
  • Councillor Tim Heenan, Mayor of Yarra Ranges shire
  • Greg Barber, Greens MLC

Nicky Bomba provided some great music and led the street walk.


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Councillor Samantha Dunn, some of the march and Nicky Bomba
Luke Chamberlain on green carbon
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