Tasmanian electricity generation 2009-2010

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The mix of energy sources used for electricity generation in Tasmania in 2009-2010 were[1]:

  • Hydro 71%
  • Gas 10% (Tamar Valley gas power station)
  • Wind and mini hydro 9%
  • Basslink net imports 10%

Hydroelectricity and wind-generated power met the bulk of the State’s energy needs at 71 per cent.

Tasmania imported a total of 1,783 GWh electricity from interstate generators via the Basslink cable, representing 10 per cent of the State’s total demand.

Privately-owned generation units connected directly to Aurora Energy’s distribution network include:

  • municipal gas plants at Hobart and Glenorchy refuse disposal centres
  • mini hydro generators associated with two northern irrigation schemes
  • a single wind turbine in the North-west.

The average electricity consumption per household in Tasmania over 2009-2010 was 25.75 kWh per day.

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  1. Aurora Energy Annual Report 2009/2010

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