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The Whitehouse
The Whitehouse

President Barack Obama's administration has announced that solar panels will once again be installed on the White House in the United States to encourage Americans in other residences to consider solar energy a reliable alternative.

Former president Jimmy Carter first put solar panels on the executive mansion that houses the President in 1979, but Ronald Reagan took them down.

Energy Secretary Steven Chu said that the new project

"Reflects President Obama's strong commitment to US leadership in solar energy and the jobs it will create here at home".

"Deploying solar energy technologies across the country will help America lead the global economy for years to come"

The Energy Department will open up competitive bidding to choose a company to install the panels, The Energy Department has also ordered temperature-cooling white paint on the roofs the agency. buildings.

It is the latest green project for the Obama White House. First lady Michelle Obama launched a garden on the lawn in a bid to persuade Americans to eat fresher, healthier food.[1]

[edit] Presidential pledge for a new green economy

The United States has also opened up its vast public lands to solar power projects. President Barack Obama has pledged to help build a new green economy. A study this year found that China has overtaken the US in green investment. However, Congress has not approved mandatory cuts in carbon emissions.

The Interior Department, which supervises most of the US's 263 million hectares of public land has:

  • approved projects in southern California's deserts by units of companies Tessera and Chevron.
  • stated that both will use innovative technologies from US-based companies and both will bring jobs and energy to our nation's economy
  • it would soon approve additional solar projects, which until the end of the year would enjoy tax incentives.

The Obama administration tapped into last year's stimulus package to encourage solar and other renewable energies, hoping they will spur a new green economy and reduce carbon emissions that scientists say are causing dangerous climate change.

But President Obama pledged in January that the federal government would do its share by cutting carbon emissions by 28 per cent by 2020 compared with levels in recent years.

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[edit] References

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